Why Slot Developers Need To Make Sports Team Themed Games?

Why Slot Developers Need To Make Sports Team Themed Games?

sports-themed slotsiGaming operators readily admit that their biggest source of online gambling revenue comes from slots. This is because there is a huge slot fan base who are not willing to spend money and see if they can win a nice chunk of money playing their favorite online slot game.

Slots are popular because they are based entirely on luck and requires no element of skill or strategy, making them easy to play for the average online player. This demand for online slot machine titles has forced top online casino software developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech to come out with a variety of themed slots over the years.

There is a huge list of online slot categories that action, romance, adventure, fiction, music, fruits and sport. Most players tend to quickly find their niche and then stick to that category by the play of various games of different providers. A category that could use more attention in the sports teams.

Focus On Sports Teams Not Only Sport

There are quite a few sporting slot titles from a wide range of sports. the Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, horse Racing, World Wrestling Entertainment, football, golf, Muay Thai, swimming Pool and Rugby are just a few of the many slot themed games available in the industry. But what is missing is slot games that are based on sports teams. Game developers were not very keen on the development of sport team slots, because they are of course suitable for a niche in the market and have a limited customer base.

There are a number of top sports teams in the world, who built a huge brand name and a fan following spread across millions of people all over the world. The NFL has iconic franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys, the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, the MLB has the New York Yankees and the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks.

If you go out of Us waters and look at the international sports, you see teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The list would be even bigger when you consider other sports, such as Formula 1 and Cricket.

Sports Teams Can Take The Initiative

Now that sports betting has become legal in the United States, sports teams get a lot more attention of a larger fan base. There is a big chance that some of these large team franchises will soon approach casino software developers and press for a bespoke cabinet title of their own.

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NFL Week 6: 1.4 Billion Chinese Don’t Care Edition

NFL Week 6: 1.4 Billion Chinese Don’t Care Edition

Image result for nfl football week 6 picks

One of the crazier things about gambling as a hobby is the duality of emotions that come with the territory, so to speak. Sometimes you catch a break and you’re on top of the world, hugging strangers and tossing black chips at the stickman while the dopamine and adrenaline go flooding into your brain stem. Other times you’re watching an ugly, utterly meaningless slog between two bad teams on a soggy October afternoon in Cleveland, licking your wounds and feeling bad for your readership. The absurdities tend to pile on in those situations, so next thing you know you’re familiarizing yourself with Greg Joseph, the Browns rookie kicker from South Africa. Joseph was cut from Miami at the end of preseason in favor of – I dunno, some other guy, presumably? – despite making a whopping 68% of his kicks during his career with the Florida Atlantic University Fightin’ Coke Deal Middlemen.

A dubious non-call in overtime led to five successive makeups for Cleveland, so much so that I’m pretty sure they got away with lining up 15 guys at one point. So despite missing an extra point, and then missing a potential game winner so far left that it landed next to Lake Erie and joined the DSA, Joseph finally made what would otherwise be a perfunctory 36-yard field goal and became part of the greatest thing to happen in Cleveland since the win in week three, which had itself recently replaced longstanding champion Thuggish Ruggish Bone.

Joseph celebrated by flying his parents into town to be there when a Rabbi from the Chabad of Downtown Cleveland hung a mezuzah in his apartment, which appears to be either a hotel room or an illegally-converted commercial office space, for the benefit of a newspaper photographer. I’ll leave it at that because if this gets any underdog-quirkier, Don Knotts and Ed Asner are going to star in the biopic.

Image result for don knotts and ed asner

NOTE: If you are too young for that reference, swap in Rhys Williams and Nora Dunn for Knotts and Asner. If you are too old for this silliness, well, so am I, but at least you didn’t waste your day learning that Tim Conway starred in both Gus and Air Bud: Golden Receiver. I must say that this really tarnishes the otherwise impeccable legacy he created with the Dorf oeuvre.

By the way, that Browns game was the first time I saw the new Smile Direct Club commercial, which has since appeared during every college game I’ve seen since, regardless of conference, status, or network. I get the placement. I suppose everyone wants straight teeth, even people who watch degen college football at 1:00 a.m. on a Friday. I am, however, a little skeptical of some of those results. The tiny print says the photos are legitimate, though, so I guess the retainer industry has really stepped their game up. A couple of decades ago they just made life worse for already-undateable middle school kids, and here they are now, swapping out ugly Shane MacGowan mugs for the Tony Bobbins look.

This being 2018, after Monday Night Football it was otherwise another week in hell-world. However, Thursday was National Coming Out Day! Congrats to all of our LGBTQ readers, in or out of the closet, and to Ryan O’Callaghan, Dave Kopay, Ray McDonald, Roy Simmons, Esera Tuaolo, and Kwame Harris, all of whom came out after their NFL careers were over. Wade Davis, Dorien Bryant, Brad Thorson, and most recently Michael Sam all made it to training camps and practice squads, but did not play in any regular season games. Of those men, only Sam was out to the public during his playing career, but at this point its only a matter of time. Obviously coming out is a very personal decision, especially for people who work in a culture where the word gay is still used as a pejorative. We cant encourage anyone to come out if they don’t want to, but we can wish them the best, and that they maintain inner peace regardless of their decision, so lets do that.

Personally, I’d like to think that I would have the balls to bravely stomp out of the closet, middle finger in the air to everyone who couldn’t accept me on my terms, because who gives a fuck what other people think anyway? However, as I envision my admirable, take-no-prisoners methodology of coming out, I note that I cant even ride the subway without my hand firmly holding the headphone jack into my phone and covering the screen with my palm, because God forbid a complete stranger ever discover that I love ABBA. HEY LOOK FOOTBALL!

Image result for chargers v cleveland


What a world. The big money was probably in finding someone during the preseason to cover the very long odds of the Cleveland Browns being a favorite against a Super Bowl contender with a winning record, and yet here we are. The Browns 2-2-1 record obscures the fact that both losses were by three points, and even though they’re not exactly winning yet, they are fighting like hell. The Cleveland fanbase loves that stuff. All over the city, people are wearing bootleg Baker Mayfield t-shirts, and glam punks and construction workers are hugging each other in bars after tense moments during the game. No one except the Japanese grounds crew still thinks that they are shitty.

So why take the Chargers? Didn’t I just spend three paragraphs whining about getting punched in the nuts by a statistically bad unknown South African field goal kicker who just arrived, un-drafted, from a safety school for prospective gym teachers? Because I said so, and yeah, sorry about that, respectively.

I think the line reflects a lot of justified excitement. Mayfield looks like the real deal, and he just beat a team that wasn’t the Jets. All very exciting, but it doesn’t justify favoring the Browns over a consistent contender. Phillip Rivers has thus far averaged 27.4 points and 414.6 yards per game, throwing for 1,495 yards and a ridiculous 13:2 split. With the exception of the Steelers in week one, the Browns have played teams appropriate for their schedule and allowed those teams to amass an average of 281 yards in the air. They gave up 565 yards of total offense to the Raiders in week four (granted, that was an overtime game, but still).

The Browns don’t suck anymore. They’re fun to watch. They’re easy to root for. But they not, under any circumstances, a favorite against the Chargers. Not yet anyway. Go heavy and consider the over, too.

Image result for tampa bay v atlanta


The Atlanta Falcons are the best 1-4 team in football. Until last weekend, it was almost as though they were approaching the same midpoint as the Browns from the opposite direction, coming in as a divisional threat and losing close decisions by an average of 3.6 points.

And then they got killed by the Steelers. Which is to say that Matt Ryan was almost literally killed, being sacked six times for a total loss of 43 yards. Yet he still had what you could call a presentable day, going 26 of 38 for 285 yards, one TD, and no picks, but Matt Ryan is Good isn’t exactly headline news. The defense is the problem, and has been for a while.

The Bucs didn’t play last weekend, and will try to start over with Jameis Winston now firmly in the starters role after Fitzpatrick’s disastrous last outing in Chicago, where they were beaten by 38 points. Given the circumstances it is tough to say if hell be rusty, rested, or involved in some atrocious incident on the way to the stadium that finally washes him out the league.

The 57 number is crazy high, but it accurately reflects these defenses as they currently exist. Tampa has the second worst total defense ranking in professional football. Atlanta is way better, ranked 28th out of 32 teams. Atlanta desperately needs this win to reestablish any sort of credibility as a playoff contender, and Winston needs to come out swinging to prove hes worth the hassle. Don’t go big, but go quickly, before the over gets any higher. I’d skip it if it hits 59.5.

Image result for rams v denver


The reality of the rebuilding year may now be setting in at Mile High, as the Broncos opened the season by beating the Seahawks and Raiders and haven’t won a game since. Even the defense, which was supposed to at least attempt to keep them competitive, is a lowly 26th on the chart, giving up 26.2 points and 395.8 yards per game.

This is a financial decision, not a rooting interest, and for that reason I have no shame whatsoever in lining up with the masses at the front door of the Rams fan club. They’re trendy for a reason; they’re fun! Its not just the undefeated record either. They average 35 points a game, primarily through the air, and Goff is on fire, as his 119 passer rating confirms.

If this is a trap game, I don’t see it. Stacking all of the negatives, Aqib Talib is out due to ankle surgery, Case Keenum put up 377 yards and 2 TDs in last weeks loss against the Jets. All of this is relevant, but none of it dissuades me from playing the hot hand. Rams to cover.

Unofficially, I will also be putting a unit or so on the Jets, straight up at at -130, to win at home against the Colts. This was a mandate from the wife, who recently earned a favor resulting from circumstances following an argument over toothpaste. See I’m a Pepsodent man by nature but she got me addicted to the cinnamon version of Toms of Maine, next thing you know I’m stuck with a caulk tube of something called Dr. Bonners. It was a whole thing.

ANYWAY, because of her irrational allegiances, and a respectable showing from Sam Darnold last Sunday, hope is once again alive among the affiliates of Gang Green. You will recall that Andrew Luck burned us early on, but Indy has since dropped three straight and they look like a good stylistic match up for the Jets at home. I don’t trust the Jets as a favorite any more than I trust any doctor who was brewing his own toothpaste in the 1850s, but I’m willing to put a unit on an outright win.

We’ve taken some shots the last couple of weeks but that only served to even out the hot start. With more games comes more evidence and less guesswork. The sand is starting to sift away anyway. Trust the process and take care of your teeth!

Good luck!

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Where have all the villains gone?

According to IGN, Venom is the twenty-second greatest comic book villain of all-time. I have no idea what that really means because I do not read comic books. I would be very hard-pressed to name twenty-three comic book villains at all (unless we are just naming X-Men bad guys), let alone the top twenty-one, but that same IGN list is out of the top one hundred. Not total one hundred, but the top one hundred. Does that mean there are hundreds, if not thousands, of comic book villains? Does that top one hundred include henchmen? Villains’ accountants? Spiteful ex-wives? Again, I do not read comic books. I did look up a little bit about Venom to find out how bad he really is and it turns out he is also well-known as an anti-hero. Comic book fans sound confused.

(SPOILERS AHEAD – There are too many villains in this film and none are good.)

I went into Venom thinking Venom was an actual villain. I saw Spider-Man 3. Venom is an evil tar monster thingy that makes people do bad sidewalk struts. The way the move starts makes you think that Venom is going to be the villain of the film. A spaceship crashes, and the cleanup crew notes that one of the four swirly tar things they found in space is missing from the wreckage. Some mayhem regarding the missing fourth ensues and you immediately think Venom is already up to no good.

Cut to Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), an in-your-face investigative journalist with his own show. He’s dating Anne (Michelle Williams), a high-brow attorney representing a shady CEO named Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). When Eddie is assigned a puff-piece to interview Drake, Eddie takes an illicit peek into Anne’s files on Drake, then ambushes Drake with the ill-gotten information during the interview. Eddie is quickly fired and discovers that Anne was fired as well. Anne dumps Eddie because love does not trump all. Cut to six months later and – wait, six months?


If you are hoping to see this in the film, get comfortable because it’s going to be awhile.

If this movie was going to have any flow to it, this fast forward stomped all of it. When we left the mayhem of the crash site, the fourth tar ball has possessed a person and jumped to a couple of other people as it sought a proper host. You see, the alien tar swirlies are parasites (or symbiotes) that require a human host to survive. Just don’t ask how they were able to survive for so long riding a comet in space with nary a human to be found.

The film then drags itself along as Drake starts locking homeless people in rooms with the three symbiotes, each time ending with one less hobo. One of his scientists, Dr. Skirth (Jenny Slate), wants to blow the whistle on the murders so she tracks down and contacts a nearly-homeless Eddie. She does not call the police or employed journalists. She must have Eddie, despite Eddie clearly being a terrible solution for this particular problem.


This looks like if Jackson Pollock directed a fight scene.

Dr. Skirth helps Eddie break into Drake’s research lab to gather evidence and proves, once again, that fictional research labs have the worst security ever (side note: why does every movie featuring a secret lab go out of its way to make it seem like its proprietor wants its secrets stolen? I am looking at you The Shape of Water). Anyway, while she is looking out for guards or something, Eddie sees a friend of his and breaks the glass of the highly-secure room with the super dangerous alien in it using only a fire extinguisher. A symbiote jumps into Eddie’s body, but Eddie manages to escape back to his apartment. After what seems like hours, the film finally gets to the Venom part when Eddie fights off a tactical assault team trying to recover the symbiote for Drake.

If you fell asleep for the first half or so of the film, you did not miss anything worth watching. The film finally becomes entertaining during the apartment fight scene as we get a first look at Venom talking to Eddie (in Eddie’s head) and using Eddie to fight off the soldiers. Hardy was clearly having fun with this concept, so I ended up having fun. While the banter and exchanges between Eddie and Venom were cringe-worthy at times, they worked more often than not. If you are not entertained by Tom Hardy arguing with himself while people looked at him like he was insane, you are not having enough fun in life. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying this movie should be regarded positively, just that it was entertaining despite itself.


*Laughter* This movie is so stupid and I don’t even care! *More laughter*

I kind of want to give the film credit for changing up the formula that usually comes along with a movie like this, but they changed it like Trump changed NAFTA, which is to say they doodled in the margins and did not actually make any real improvement. The typical film would have had Eddie and Venom connected at the original spaceship crash or during Eddie and Drake’s interview and Drake later achieving a breakthrough and melding himself with another symbiote. The film ends up there anyway, but the route it takes is no better.

Drake is a boring villain constantly delivering trite motivational speeches to his employees that sound like epiphanies learned from a Snapple cap. Drake’s motivation for the homeless people experiments is that he wants to live in space because humans are destroying the planet. Instead of a breakthrough in the lab, the original missing symbiote shows up at the research lab and Drake just happens to be a good match. I hated this aspect of the film because it rendered nearly everything before that scene pointless. Then again, it was all pointless anyway because the film does not bother trying to build a sense of progress in the experiments. It just shows us puddles of goo and dead people and Drake delivering another shitty speech.


Synergy. Optimize. Agile. Holistic. Other bullshit words I can spout that are the opposite of inspiring.

I was also disappointed that Venom ends up being kind of a hero instead of straight-up evil. He is even made to be an underdog when he inexplicably tells Eddie that their symbiotic foe has better weapons than him. This makes zero sense because the symbiotes make blade weapons from their goo. Does Venom not know who to make a scythe? Dumb things like that were almost enough to turn me completely against this film and you all know how much I enjoy turning against films.

Despite this movie being objectively bad, my friend and I enjoyed ourselves because we had seen the early Rotten Tomatoes scores landing in the mid-twenties. This allowed us to reset our expectations down to sub-basement levels and enjoy the movie the way that one enjoys a bad B-movie. Granted, the stilted performance from Michelle Williams was a bit of a surprise; Williams seemingly unaware of what kind of movie she was in. This probably had more to do with the writing and directing, but she did not look like she wanted to be there. Even then, I still had a good time at this film. Hopefully, the next villain in the franchise (don’t look so shocked) will be an actual villain or one that doesn’t suck.

Rating: Ask for half of your money back or wait until you can Red Box it. It is not that entertaining.

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Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9

This will probably be a short review, and I’ve put off writing. Last Tuesday, I sat in a theater with 3 other people and watched what was one of the most depressing documentaries I have ever seen. The content of the film was only slightly more disturbing than the fact that almost no one in this film. Negative 1/10 reviews appeared immediately, with the reviewers screaming about the liberal-Democratic propaganda. These people not watching the movie, but it doesn’t matter. Just FYI, the movie starts on Trump’s unlikely to capture the White House, but the main focus was on other things, dark things, and the Democrats did not escape the scathe of Michael Moore.

This movie was heartbreaking and shocking, especially the exposure of what actually happened with the Flint Michigan water crisis. There was also much time spent on the gun Control issue and what happened in West Virginia with the teacher’s in the strike. the Fahrenheit 11/9 hit the reality of what many of us had expected, but had refused to relinquish the hope. The American democracy is a sham, an illusion, a cruel joke. I must reinforce what is strong I alluded to in the first paragraph. This movie was not an anti-Trump rant. The DNC, the Clintons, Barack Obama and the political establishment in power were all decimated in this sobering documentary.

I will’t dwell on Trump’s election, we all know what happened. The most eye-catching and infuriating spotlight that Michael Moore addressed was the continued disregard and contempt our politicians have for the citizens of this country. Never was this concept demonstrated than in the horror show that was the Flint Michigan water crisis. Rick Snyder is the most horrible politician ever hit the American landscape. With total disregard for the health and safety of the citizens, this assassin and thief deliberately ignored the poisoning of the citizens of Flint (mostly Black, of course) for the sake of his rich friends and a lucrative water contract. Michigan taxpayers have to shell out up to 34 million dollars for the legal costs for the Flint public officials charged with manslaughter. Insult to injury. The real killer will escape prosecution.

Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9 also tackles the difficult issue of Gun Control, focused on the reaction and action of the students after the Park, Florida shootings. If there is ever a problem that is so full of corruption and paranoia, it is this. Until the money is out of politics (in other words, NEVER) this bloody massacre will continue. If there was a slight glimmer of hope in this entire documentary, was the resolve of the teachers in West Virginia. They weathered the corruption of the politicians and the back-stabbing of their own union leaders to get what they richly deserved.

Yes, things are terrible, but how far gone we are as a nation? According to Michael Moore, it is almost too late. I’m trying to find something, something which took me away from the same conclusion. In a worst-case scenario, Trump is the next Adolf Hitler, and we have seen our last Presidential election. Not possible? Outrageous? Maybe. Things have already happened recently that we are not possible. I’m in the hope that the Trumpet’s ambition will stay within the limits of the merely to harvest as much wealth as possible from his situation. The danger is that the professional politicians are convinced now that they have very little to fear from the ballot box.

I don’t really care if Trump gets fucked by his daughter or not, but it is shocking that Trump and other politicians are confident about fuck this country, and with full impunity. America has tolerated the election of a narcissistic, sociopath sexual predator as President. We have tolerated the murder of our children at Sandy Hook and a Park. The attempted genocide of the citizens of Flint, Michigan, has hardly brought up in a rush of the American spring. There are heroes, like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha in Flint who refused to go along with the falsification of data to show that the levels of lead in the Flint water was within acceptable federal guidelines. Heroes like the children in a Park in Florida, who were actually trying to do something about the gun massacre. Finally, the teachers in West Virginia quickly got up and got the well-deserved pay raise they were striking.

Sadly, these heroes are too little and probably too late. Voters to stay away from the polls in droves, and who can blame them? This negative reinforcement makes things worse. It helps the incumbents who are voluntarily stuck in the tar-baby of an endless stream of PAC money that they need to do anything, including killing their own voters, to feed the greed.

Fahrenheit 11/9 was heartbreaking and soul-crushing, but how much of Michael Moore’s apocalyptic scenario is likely? We know a lot more in a few weeks. We will know if the voters and the citizens still hold the deed in this country, or is the thing that many of us have feared, actually happened.

Everyone in America should watch this documentary, but only a handful will, and those who need to have to look at the worst will dismiss and vilify automatically as another rant of a Libtard Jabba The Hut. I really can’t recommend everyone watch, especially if you have a problem with depression. Fahrenheit 11/9 was depressing, and it was sobering. Our country is at a crossroads and thoughts, prayers, or continued apathy will only worsen the situation.

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Mayan Ritual

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NFL Week 3: Brett Kavanaugh Only Rapes For Great Justice Version

NFL Week 3: Brett Kavanaugh Only Rapes For Great Justice Version

Relax. Today the captive, tomorrow the conqueror. Those of us who subject ourselves to this chaos for fun and profit are used to the swings, but if you’re new, just stay the course and think long term. Though it would be nice, we are not going to win every game every weekend. Ultimately, we are trying to win at least 52.5% of the games over the whole season. As things stand, we are still up. So long as its fun, lets keep swinging, cool? Cool.

Now then, would you like to hear my very lawyerly and thus somehow credible thoughts about Brett Kavanaugh? Of course not! This is where we talk football, not structurally caustic people specifically chosen to dominate and ruin peoples lives for decades to come. Far smarter people than I can wax misanthropic about the need to pack the Goddamn court at this point, the institution of non-renewable 18-year terms, or the logistics of tricking him into standing on an X without noticing the piano dangling from a rope several stories overhead.

That said, I do think that bright people can all agree upon one thing, if only one thing, after all of the nonsense we had to endure last week, and the week before that, and the term encompassing those, and basically the last century, give or take: I never again want to hear any bullshit about an Ivy League Education (). The minute Trump backed that goon you knew it was only a matter of time before he got outed as a sexual predator, or a perjurer, or a problem gambler, or a blackout drunk, especially when even the carnies in the media would only go far enough to compliment his basketball coaching abilities. But if a lily-white, Chevy Chase prep school son of privilege can be all of those things and still make it as far as the Circuit Court of Appeals, there is but one reason: a fucking Yale diploma.

Image result for Brett Kavanaugh

Chapo Trap House recently did worst-of countdowns for both Yale and Harvard, and I don’t want to step on their bit, but last night I watched Princeton/Harvard debate champion Ted Cruz get his pointy little elfin ears boxed by a failed grunge musician. At this point, and for obvious reasons, if you tell me you graduated from Penns Wharton School, I assume that you are literally, and colossally, stupid. George Lincoln Rockwell – not the cool Rockwell, the very uncool Rockwell – went to Brown. Columbia is populated with cringe-inducing tryhards. Fitzgerald cost us money last week. They all hate(d) Catholics. You get the point.

Granted, I may inadvertently dismiss the occasional long-shot genius who worked his or her way out of a rough or economically disadvantaged childhood to earn a scholarship to what are branded as the oldest institutions of higher learning in America. However, these days it appears that I am far more likely to be tuning out diaper-wearing legacy parasites, libertarian self-obsessed tech psychos, or someone so soulless that they would groom young ingenues to feed to the aforementioned groups. Come to think of it, I once saw an undercover investigative film where a seemingly-deserving scholarship recipient turned out to be a liar pretending to be a minority in order to steal a scholarship from, of all people, Tommy Chongs improbably-gorgeous daughter. Shame we never reviewed that, but regardless, Im sure its aged quite well! HEY LOOK FOOTBALL!

Image result for indianapolis v. philadelphia


I am fine with taking my lumps, but I’ll be damned if I am gonna exalt the new and improved and better than ever Andrew Luck after going 21 of 31 for 179 yards and a 2:2 split. Washington had the edge in every single team stat save for rushing but managed to penalize themselves 90 yards and thus lose as a heavy home favorite.

And speaking of dumb losses, Philly managed to let Fitzmagic throw over their heads all damn day, giving up 402 yards on 27 passes and four TDs. Go ahead and take a look at the leagues official defensive team rankings, because you might never again see the top ranked run defense wear the same helmets as the 28th ranked pass defense.

Don’t count on a repeat. Luck basically has two targets, Eric Ebron and T.Y. Hilton, and the latter has an injured quadricep. He is still expected to play, but if hes a step or two slower, Jalen Mills and Malcolm Jenkins can probably remember and reestablish that they are professional football players. Jay Ajayi is out, but so is Marlon Mack, and I imagine Carson Wentz will be more interested in putting the ball in the air in his first game back, at home no less. Eagles to cover.

Image result for n.y. giants v. houston


If by chance you saw the Monday Night Football tweet and put some money on Dallas, you made a few dollars back. That wasn’t necessarily a vote of confidence in the Cowboys as much as a repudiation of this Giants team. This pick is more of the same.

I’m not going to be the thousandth person to question the wisdom of drafting Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick, but I am one of the harbingers who questions whether or not hes a great fit on this team. Thus far in an offense that was retooled around him, Barkley has only racked up 134 yards on 29 carries. Admittedly, the 4.6 YPA is nice but he is a middling 11th in the league, and that has to be read in light of the fact that the Giants have apparently lost the number for, or forgotten the existence of, Jonathan Stewart, the veteran back that was supposed to compliment him.

The sky isn’t falling, not yet anyway, and the defense is keeping them in games. The Texans have lost two close games on the road despite being the best rushing team in the league, averaging 157 yards per game, and Deshaun Watson doubled his first weeks numbers last time out. This is Houston’s first home game and I don’t see them going 0-3.

Image result for new england v. detroit


Of all the blood spilled last week, the Pats outright loss was the most infuriating. Tom Brady exists to fuck everyone over, so even when you bet with him he has to find a way to break your heart. Meanwhile, the perennially solid defense let Bleep Buckles of all people pass for four touchdowns.

No need to ask. Of course Belichick, Kraft, and the rest of the Death Star crew overreacted to the loss, immediately trading for Josh Gordon, who managed to go from inspirational cult favorite to despised lock to make the Pro Bowl in the span of an hour or two. He joins a receiving corps consisting of Cordarrelle Patterson, Chris Hogan, Chad Hansen, and Julian Edelman after one more game on suspension.

Sundays points will probably come from Rex Burkhead, Jeremy Hill, and Sony Michel, though. The Lions cannot stop the run, having allowed 179 rushing yards per game so far, the most of any NFL defense. Oddly, they tend to sack a lot, but the Pats have a positive ratio there as well, and Brady has only seen the turf thrice thus far. As we said last week, there will always be dummies prematurely celebrating the end of the Foxboro dynasty. I’ve seen them in print this week. Don’t fall for it.

Image result for pittsburgh vs. tampa bay


Despite the chaos of these cursed interesting times, there are a few certainties left in life. Death and taxes of course. Lucy pulling the football. You know Goddamn well that either Chuck Grassley or Mitch McConnell is gonna piss away some of our precious remaining national dignity by asking Christine Blasey Ford what kind of bathing suit she was wearing. And Fitzpatrick is gonna hit a wall.

I’m thinking sooner than later. Yes, the Bucs lead the league in passing offense because of last Sundays air raid against Philly. Yes, the Steelers gave up six TD’s in the air against Patrick Mahomes that day. All fine points, as is the fact that the last time Fitzpatrick was a regular starter, the 2016 Jets went 3-8 and Ms. Duquesne had to start seeing a therapist.

Step back and history is with the Steelers. They’ve taken eight of the last ten from Tampa, and are 4-1 ATS in the last five meetings. Tampa Bay has given up 753 yards to opponents, and that was before Vernon Hargreaves went on IR and Mr. Miko Grimes and Chris Conte both got listed as questionable. Its also worth noting that the Steelers didn’t lose in Cleveland, they just failed to win, and did so despite six turnovers in a rainy week one. Their offense also scored enough to keep the shootout in K.C. within five. Relax. The better team usually wins.

That’s it, kids. Lets make some money back this weekend and retake the momentum. Try and stay sane in the interim. We at least deserve that. Even if you went to an ivy.

Good luck!

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Guide to Spillsystemer: Hvordan Bruke dem og når

Guide to Spillsystemer: Hvordan Bruke dem og når

Spillesystemer online Når du satser, ents I et kasino eller and sport, vil du sørge for at du ikke taper. Mens du fortsatt stringent lykken til å få den største prisen, det spillsystemer sum bruker matematiske sannsynligheter for å hjelpe spillerne å vinne. Med hjelp av denne veiledningen vil du vite to be the best […]

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